Welcome to MyLIC Online Help

We are proud to provide this on-line service to you.  It is our belief that on-line help will assist more individuals in the organizations we serve.  


This is a "living document" - which means that it will constantly be growing - and we welcome your recommendations as you use it.


How to Navigate MyLIC Online Help:

MyLic Online Help is organized by Module.  The table of contents is displayed in the window on the left.  Select the module you need help in and expand the topics.  Topics range from basic screen and field descriptions to How-To's to Frequently Asked Questions.


You can also search for terms via the Index or Search functions.


The Table Layout which details the length/amount of characters for each field can be found at the top right of each topic.


If you cannot find the answer to your question in MyLIC Online Help, please send an email to sweller@sml.state.tx.us.