How to Add Cancellations for an Attendee with AR Posting

If you post your attendee payments and accounts receivable amounts to your Great Plains general ledger on a regular basis, you must use this feature to process cancellations for attendee event registrations.

When you cancel an attendee, you should update the Cancel Date on the Attendee Event grid with the date of the cancellation.  When you run the Meetings GL AR option on the GL Interface under Utilities, it will reduce the AR by that amount and update the Cancel GL Post Date field on the Attendee Event grid.  This will need to be done for every event cancelled for the same Meeting (cancel one or all events).

You must still follow the normal cancellation posting for an Attendee by entering a cancel date on the Attendee Date tab if the attendee is cancelling for the entire Meeting so that the name will not be picked up for badges, counts, etc.  You will still need change the quantity to "0" on the Attendee Event grid.