Advantage Database by Extended Systems


Advantage Database Server is a scalable, seamless, high-performance DBMS that brings client/server benefits to PC database applications. By redesigning the PC database architecture, Advantage allows developers to work with the same easy-to-use development tools and methodology, but replaces the distributed PC database architecture with a client/server model. Developers can deliver PC database applications that grow as the business grows without adding a tremendous amount of complexity and cost to the development cycle.

Performance Advantage

Advantage Database Server gives new meaning to the word performance in the client/server world. Independent test results confirm that when compared to the leading server solutions, Advantage Database Server offers exceptional performance without traditional SQL database management systems.

Cost Advantage

Advantage Database Server provides the client/server benefits of SQL solutions at a fraction of the cost. With Advantage Database Server, there are no hidden deployment costs. It installs in minutes and uses existing network file systems and hardware. Because it's simple to implement and administer, Advantage requires no database administrator (DBA) or costly training. Advantage Database Server bridges the price-technology gap between simple networked applications that share data and expensive SQL client/server solutions.

Technology Advantage

Extended Systems continues to expand the Advantage product line to include solutions that meet users' evolving needs. For example, the Advantage Internet Server was developed to provide a simple, non-HTML solution for accessing data using the Internet. This and other features of the Advantage product line provide the tools needed to keep developers and PC database users on top of the technology curve.

Reliability Advantage

Advantage Database Server is the culmination of over 11 years of development experience in the database market. Advantage is backed by an outstanding Technical Services department that helps customers get the most out of their client/server solutions through exceptional support, training and consulting. Today, Advantage Database Server supports hundreds of thousands of users worldwide. It's the trusted solution for major corporations who rely upon Advantage Database Server to run the mission-critical applications that enable them to successfully conduct their business across the country and around the world.