Advantage Updates

Please do the following to load Advantage Updates:

Download the Update:

1. Go to Utilities and then choose SAMS Updates

2. Select the appropriate file from the list

a. DOM_NT.EXE (if you use NT)

b. DOM_NLM.EXE (if you use Novell)

3. Click on RECEIVE

If you use Novell, skip to Run the Update...

Stop Advantage Service:

If you use the NT4 Server:

 1. Make sure everyone is out of SAMS.

 2. Go to the machine where Advantage is loaded.

 3. Go to Start

 4. Settings

 5. Control Panel

 6. Services

 7. Choose "Advantage Database Server" and click on Stop

 8. Answer Yes to “I’m sure I want to stop Advantage Database Server”

 9. Close

10. Close Control Panel


1.  Start, Run

2.  Browse & Choose the file you downloaded from Semarca’s FTP site, DOM_NT.EXE or DOM_NLM.EXE, which should be in the \dapps\memb or \dapps\download directory on your server

3.  Open

4.  Click on OK within the run window

5.  Enter c:\advtemp in the box that says: "unzip to folder"

6.  Unzip

7.  OK

8.  Close

9.  Start

10. Run

11. Browse & go to c:\advtemp (the folder you unzipped to in step 5)  and choose setup.exe

12. Open

13. OK – Advantage set up window appears

14. Click on Next – the Welcome screen appears

15. Yes – License agreement

16. Next – verify c:\Advantage\Server.  You may have to key this in.

17. It will ask if you want to uninstall the existing version.  Yes.

18. OK- Setup will run.

19. Enter your new Serial Number and Validation Code that you received from Advantage or Semarca.

20. Enter your Association Acronym

21. Verify that you want Auto Startup of Advantage.

22. No – Want to view README file

23. Ok- Microsoft updates.

20. Ok – set up is complete

21. Close Advantage window.

You're done!  Everyone can get back in SAMS now.