Association Accounting Screen

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Field Descriptions

GL Type

Enter the general ledger type for your association.  Example:  GP for Great Plains.

Fiscal Year

Enter the fiscal year for your company, for example, 2007.  This will auto-fill the paid year on the membership payment screen (it can be over-written).

SBT Location

Enter the file location of your SBT interface (only for associations that utilize this interface).

Directory Year

Enter the current directory year.  When creating a new directory record, the year entered here will auto-fill.

Direct Base Fee

Enter the fee you charge to have a listing in the Directory/Buyer's Guide.  If you have no base fee that you charge, then leave this field blank.

Certification Date

Enter the date at which your certification records are to be billed.

Local Tax Rate

Enter the local tax rate.

State Tax Rate

Enter the default tax rate for your association.

Def Exp Date

Use this field if you want all professional members to have the same expiration date.

Tax ID

Store the association's tax ID number.

MB Late Fee

Late Fee used in SAMS Dues Renewal Web App.

Late Date

Date after which late fee is charged in SAMS Dues Renewal Web App.

Late Fee PC

Payment code used when posting late fee to GL for SAMS Dues Renewal Web App.

Dues Cap

Enter the amount of the trade member's dues cap to be used as calculation to process dues fee based on amounts entered in the dues code.

GL TM Bill Credit

Enter the A/R account number if you are using the GL interface with Great Plains to post Billing Income Credit .

GL TM Bill Debit

Enter the A/R account number if you are using the GL interface with Great Plains to post Billing Income Debit.

OE AR Account #

Enter the A/R account number if you are using the GL interface.

OE Shipping AR

Enter the default shipping type for all order entry, for example, UPS. This can be changed.

OE Sales Tax AR

Enter the default sales tax for your orders.

OE Base Directory

Enter the directory for the file that is created for your accounting software.

OE GL Company

Enter the GL company number, if you are using more than one company in your GL.

Use Inventory?

Enter a check in the box if you are using the inventory system built into SAMS Order Entry module.


National Automated Clearing House Association file identification number.  This should be your 9-digit Tax ID number preceded by a blank space.

Bank Name

Enter the name of the bank receiving the NACHA information.


Immediate destination. This is a 10 position header record code.  The receiving bank should supply your organization with the proper code to use for the output file.

Assn Bank Acct #

Enter the association's bank account number.


Routing number of the receiving financial institution.