Association Information Screen

To access this screen, choose File, and Association Info.

The Association Information screen is where you will set up your organization. On the first screen you can tell SAMS C/S to turn certain items in your member screens on or off, set your default state, and choose how information is calculated. Semarca will set the basics of this screen up for you upon installation. Once installation is complete, you can edit the information.


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Field Descriptions

Assn Name (Association Name)

The organization name is created when the package is installed and can not be changed.

Address, City/State/Zip

Enter the address for your association. These fields are used by the report writer, word processors, and fax programs to insert your company information in the title bands or headers.

Assn Code

If you have more than one association, each one must have a specific code that is entered in this field. These codes can not be edited.

Telephone Number and Fax Number

Enter the telephone number for your association. Enter the fax number for your association.

Fax Software

Enter the name of the default fax software you will be utilizing.

Dues Text 1 - 7

Applies to Professional organizations only.  Enter the name to identify the different levels of dues available up to seven choices.  These names will appear on the Professional Member Payment screen for data entry.

BOY - Beginning Of Year Date

Enter the beginning of year date for your organization's fiscal year.  For example, 01/01/2000.

Chapter Default %

Enter the default % the chapters will receive from dues. SAMS will insert this % in the Payments & Adjustments screen.

Association Type

Enter a "T" for trade or a "P" for professional association. This field should not be changed unless you have spoken with a Semarca representative. If you have both trade members and professional members, then the letter would be B. Based on this letter, SAMS C/S displays different screen for different types of membership.

Default Out-of-St Chapter

If all your out-of-state members belong to one particular chapter you can enter that state here for ease of data entry.

Remove deleted member after _ years

If you use the Inactivate/Terminate/Delete program, enter the number of years before deleted members are removed from your database by the system.   For example, members who have not paid dues are inactivated after "x" years, then terminated after "x" years, and deleted from the database after "x" years.  

Calculate Paid Amount from (B)illed Date or (P)aid Yr?

Enter a "B" if you want SAMS to calculate the membership dues paid amount from the billed date or enter a "P" for calculating transactions on the paid year.

Max Blind CC

 Maximum number of blind CC's your ISP allows.  Default is 250.

Current Expo No

Current Expo number being used for the SAMS Online Trade Show Registration.