Attendee Dates Tab

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Field Description


SAMS  auto-fills the date the last payment was made.


SAMS  auto-fills the date this attendee was added to this meeting.


Enter the date for this attendee if they have cancelled.

Confirmation Date

SAMS  auto-fills the date when the email confirmation has been sent.

Badge Print

SAMS  auto-fills the date that the standard laser badge was printed. This field will be updated each and every time a badge is printed.


SAMS auto-fills with the current date when the Attendee's Detail Tab field for "Received Badge?" is turned on with a checkmark in the box.


SAMS  auto-fills the date with the date of birth if this attendee was in our individualís database.


Enter the type of travel or name of airline for this attendee. You can use this field to track several different types of information from the name of the hotel to the type of room they prefer.


Many associations recognize members by assigning ribbons to attach to the badges. You could use a number system or initials of colors to help process when the badge is printed.


SAMS auto-fills the chapter from the individuals table, however you could change this information.


Enter the Social Security Number if needed for your organization.


You could use source to track how this attendee received information on the show. This could then be used to show that the fall newsletter was more successful than the direct mailing.

User Initials and Last Change Date

SAMS auto-fills the user initials and date for the last time this record was changed.