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With the SAMS3020503.exe Update, the Event entry screen was changed to allow for easier and intuitive data entry.  Directions for the new data entry form is explained below.  NOTE - data entry is made in the fields below the grid on the new screen.  The information cannot be changed by clicking on the grid itself except to choose an event to delete by clicking on the button on the menu.

Once you have created an attendee record for the individual, you have the option of registering them for specific events they wish to attend, entering payment information, printing badges or email confirmation notice.

After choosing the Event tab, you must click the add button or F8 to add an event to an attendee's record.  SAMS will automatically bring in the correct Fee type.

Field Description

1 - Payment Area

Pmt Type

Enter a payment type for this attendee. For example, when you enter CK for check or CC for credit card, SAMS  will automatically enter the exact paid amount for each event and create a separate transaction. If you enter PO in this field, SAMS  will zero out the paid amount and create a balance for this attendee.

Pmt Date

Enter a payment date for this attendee by hitting the space to enter today's date or clicking on the down arrow for a calendar. Itís a good idea to use the same payment date for all checks/credit cards that are deposited in the bank on the same day.

Ck/CC No and Expiration Date

Enter a check or credit card number and expiration date.

PO Number

Enter the Purchase Order Number  up to 22 characters.  Please note that you should have entered the payment types as PO to automatically show a balance due.  This field can be used for invoice reports.


You have 2 options for the batch number. The first option, is that you may enter the batch number manually. The second option, is to let the system automatically enter a batch number when you run your accounting interface for the GL.

Fee Type

SAMS  will auto-fill this field based on the membership status of ďAĒ for active or if the expiration date is greater than today and the default fee type assigned from the Meetings Info screen.  This fee type cannot be changed.  To control the Fee Type used, you must enter an N for None for the member organization type listed at the bottom of the Meeting table screen.

2 - Group Selection Area

Group 1, Group 2, Group 3

Enter a check in the Group this attendee is registering for. The system will automatically put the events that are attached to the specific group in the grid above. The groups are setup in the Events screen. If you are not using groups, these will be grayed out.  NOTE:  Do not use the Group button if there is an outstanding balance for one of the events, since adding as a group automatically saves all the events showing full payment for each event.

3 - Event Data Entry

Event No, Description, Quantity, Fee, Due, Paid, Adjust, Balance

If you are not using the Group feature, enter the events numbers this attendee is registering.  At Event No, click on the drop down arrow to enter the first event and tab to complete quantity and amount paid (if less than the fee due).  Click on the button or push the F9 key to save.  To enter additional events, click on the add button or push the F8 key to advance and enter next event number.  NOTE: if the event had the option turned on for "Sponsor Event", then you are able to change the fee from the default amount set in the Event table for that particular event.

Attendee Totals - Billed, Paid, Adjust, Balance

These fields are a summary  of the attendees event amounts.


NOTE:  When you enter a CK or CC in payment type, as well as the number and amount fields, SAMS has tracked the payment information for this attendee.

NOTE:  SAMS will hold the previous payment information anticipating that multiple attendees might be paid with the same check.  If this is not the case, you can type over this information or delete it. For this reason, you may want to sort your registrations in order of payment types:  batch with checks for payment, batch with charge card for payment, and then purchase orders.

NOTE: To delete an Attendee record, ALL Payments must be deleted first and then ALL events deleted second.  After these deletions are performed, SAMS permits you to delete an Attendee record. Right click on the Attendee Event screen and choose Payments to delete one or more event payments.