Auction Details

If your Organization holds Auctions as Fundraisers, this section is a great place to track your donations and proceeds!

How to get here:  From the Individual Screen, Right Click and select PAC.  This will take you to the PAC Information Screen.  If the individual does not have a PAC record, you will need to create one.  From the PAC Info Screen, right click and choose Auction.

Click on the .  The ID and Transaction Number will be automatically filled.

Field Descriptions

Date Submitted

Enter the Date the Item for Auction was submitted or donated.


Enter the Market or Retail Value of the item.

PAC Code

If you are tracking this in your PAC reports, select the appropriate PAC code from your list.

Short Description

Enter a brief description of the item(s) donated.  

Long Description

You can enter more details about the donation here if you wish.

Purchaser ID

Use the to select the Individual who purchased the item- if you are tracking this.

Purchase Price

Enter the amount the item sold for.

Deposit Date

Enter the date the proceeds for the item were deposited.

Receipt Date

Enter the date you received payment from the purchaser.

Card/CK Number

Enter the Credit Card Authorization code or check number of the payment.

State Code

If you're tracking this for state PAC donations, select the appropriate code from your user-defined list.


Type in the Batch Number if you're using the GL interface.