Call Backs

The SAMS C/S system provides a call back system that integrates telemarketing into your association. Every person in your office can post a personal call back. There is no limit to the number of call back records that can be attached to an individual.

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Field Descriptions

Call Back ID

The individual's ID number appears in this field.

Call Initials

Your name or initials appear here, based on your login name.


The Market field is used to link groups of records for telemarketing purposes. For example, if this call is about signing up exhibitors for the expo, then you could enter EXPO for the market.

Send To

Enter the initials of the person who will be handling this account or the initials of the person in the shipping department to process the new member packet.

First and Last Name

The individual's first and last name is auto filled and cannot be changed.

Firm Name

The firm name is auto filled and cannot be changed.

Open Date and Time

The open date is the date that the firm was added to the callback system. The system date appears by default as well as the time, but you can change it if the open date is different.


The code field gives you the opportunity to either indicate when to call back or the reason the call was "opened".  Call back codes are defined in the look-up section of individuals.  Examples of the particular codes are:

Open -          exhibitor prospect

Last call -     not available today

Call back -   interested in EXPO 2001

Close -        exhibitor

Last Call Date, Start Time, and End

Enter the date when you called this firm. By clicking on the down arrow, SAMS C/S gives you a calendar to choose your date. If you need to track the amount of time you spend on each call, click the clock button at the start of the conversation and the time will auto-fill.  When the call is complete, simply click on the "end" clock and the end time will auto-fill.

Call Back Date and Time

If the prospect wishes to be called back at a later time, you can enter the date and time to call back here. By clicking on the down arrow, SAMS C/S gives you a calendar to choose the date to call back.

Close Date and Time

Enter the date that this telemarketing record closed. The record may be closed if the prospect becomes a member, is definitely not interested, or is out of business. By clicking on the down arrow, SAMS C/S gives you a calendar to choose the date, time and code to close this call back record.

Send Kit

Enter "Y" if you need to send them a kit. Once you have run the SEND KIT labels program, SAMS C/S changes the "Y" for Yes Send Kit to "S" for Sent Kit.

Requested Services

Enter abbreviations separated by commas for services requested by the prospect.



By selecting the add button below notes, a rich-text format window appears allowing you to record notes concerning this call back record.