Center of Influence


The Center of Influence Module (COI) helps you establish and maintain a database of influential people.  Within this module, you can link an individual to any influential person, you can rate the how well they know this person, and print detailed reports quickly.

The process of identifying COI records can be done through a mailing, membership renewal form or telemarketing. Once the process is complete your COI database will be a very valuable tool for legislative session.  All records must be entered into the Individual database before you can assign COI records.

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COI Details Tab

Field Descriptions


This ID number is assigned by the system and can not be changed.

COI Type

You can define the COI records by type. For example, as legislators, city officials and other types of key people for the community. COI Types and descriptions must be defined in the individual module of  Look-up Codes located on the SAMS C/S toolbar.

COI Name

SAMS C/S will auto-fill this information from the individuals record.


The state this influential person represents.

Leg ID No.


Federal Senate and House Numbers

Enter the federal senate/house numbers for this record.

State Senate and House Numbers

Enter the state senate/house numbers for this record.


Enter the affiliation for this record, for example - Democrat (D) or Republican (R).


Enter the profession of this COI record, for example, if they are also a lawyer.

Print Info Sheet

Once the record is complete, you can click on the Print Info Sheet and SAMS C/S will print a COI sheet of information showing all the individuals that are attached to this influential person.