Mail merge

When creating the mail merge report, all fields must be on the same line.  Even though you do not see the entire field name, the data will export.


Create a Mail Merge Using the TSC Template

In an effort to assist you in creating a mail merge, The Semarca Corporation has created a mail merge template that incorporates all the standard fields and concatenations such as city/state/zip.  This report, INDV2WRD, resides in individual standard.  


You can double click on INDV2WRD, then fill in the parameters.  

IMPORTANT:  Your header line must match the number of fields in the details line of your report.  If you add fields to one, you must add the same fields to the other for your report to merge correctly.

A screen showing your data will be displayed.  To export the data from Crystal Report Writer, select the .  If you receive a Microsoft Outlook message stating that there is not a mail client established - say OK.

The export format window will be displayed.  You will want to select comma-separated values and disk file.  Select OK.


The next window will be the number and date format dialog.  Check both boxes and say OK.



Once you have named and saved your data file, you must open the data file (*.csv) in Word and remove the double quotes around your data items list which is on the top one &/or two lines.  Then re-save the data file and close.  You will then be able to create your mail merge in Word.



Adding or Removing Data Items

If you need to add data items to the TSC template, open INDV2WRD and save as your new report name.