Crystal Error 998

This error has been reported when an association changed the virus software to Norton.

Crystal Reports is encountering problems processing Word based objects on the output. These objects can appear on the cover page, which may contain a watermark or company logo, or within illustrations or presentations that contain a large amount of static text or clip art that was created in Word. This error can also occur within reports that contain Crystal Reports graphs or charts in the output as well.

Recently we've found that certain products, particularly virus scanners, have an impact on the way Crystal Reports responds to the reports.

If you encounter this error and are running Norton Anti-virus, you need to disable the "Script Blocking" feature. This feature prevents Crystal Reports from printing or displaying embedded Word objects or Crystal Reports charts and graphs correctly. To disable "Script Blocking":

Try to print or display the report that was returning the 997 or 998 error. You should now be able to successfully print or display this report.