Booth Info Detail Tab

Booth Info Details Tab


Field Descriptions

Booth No

Booth Numbers can be created by creating a floor plan through the utility section or you can add booths individually and assign numbers as you go.

Exhibitor ID

The Exhibitor ID assigned to this booth.

Rate Code

The rate code that is assigned to this booth.  You may look it up either by the rate code in the first field or tab to the second field and type in the description.

Width x Length

If you are calculating booth space by volume, enter the width and length here.


Area is automatically calculated - provided you are using volume.

Area Rate

If charging for booths by volume, the rate per square foot (or whatever measurement you are using) would go here.

Premium? Electricity?  Water?  Drain?  Gas?  Telephone?

These questions are asked for the booth itself, not whether there would be an additional charge.  The answers would allow the staff members who are responsible for selling booths to be able determine if booths have certain features available should an exhibitor have special requests.