Exhibitor Info Detail Tab

The Exhibitors Module is used in conjunction with your individual records to attach an exhibitor to an expo and view the history of an exhibitor.  The exhibitorís list tab will only show you exhibitorís in the database, to add an exhibitor you must start in the individuals module.

Field Descriptions


This field contains the firm ID number that was assigned by SAMS  when you added the firmís record. This number will now serve as the exhibitor ID number. It cannot be changed.

Exhibitor Type

Type codes are defined using the Expo module of the Look-up Codes located on the SAMS  toolbar

Firm Name

The name of the firm appears here automatically. It can be changed. This name will appear on all contracts, correspondence, and in the exhibitor's product guide.  

Sort Name

SAMS  assigns the first six letter of the firm name for you; however, you can change this field.   For example, if the exhibitor's firm name was The Red Barn, do you want to sort the exhibitor by "The" or by "Red".


This is the key contact for this exhibitor.  You can change the key contact by clicking on the ellipses and SAMS  displays the individual database for you to choose a new key contact.

Sign Name

SAMS  defaults the sign name from the firm name. You can change this information.

Telephone and Fax

SAMS  automatically enters the exhibitor's telephone and fax number. These fields can be changed.  Note: if the "Same Addr?" flag is set to "Y" any changes will also be reflected in the Individual's record.  If using an extension in the Telephone number, the data must be entered with an x followed by the extension number - no spaces allowed.  Example:  512-343-1049x102.

Mail Code

Enter a mail code for this exhibitor by selecting from the list. This is used to include or exclude this exhibitor from different mailings. Mail codes are defined using the Expo module of the Look-up Codes located on the SAMS  toolbar.


Enter a code for the source of the exhibitor. The source of the exhibitor may be different from the source of the firm. Use this alphanumeric field to specifically track the source of exhibitors, such as direct mail pieces, telemarketing, or direct sales.  Source codes are defined using the Expo module of the Look-up Codes located on the SAMS  toolbar.

Master ID No

The Master ID No is the number used to link potential or active exhibitors to a single account.  

Other ID

Enter an ID number in the Other ID field if you intend to cross-reference exhibitors to brokers.

Memb?, Memb No.

Enter "Y" if the exhibitor is a member, SAMS  will automatically bring up the membership database for you to choose the memberís ID number.

Add Date

SAMS  automatically enters today's date as the add date; however, you can enter a different date.


Enter a date to follow-up on any action taken.

Mailing Address

The mailing address is automatically displayed based on the exhibitor's individual record.  

Same Address?

Enter a "Y" here if you would like the exhibitor record to have the same address as the Individual Record. Whenever this information changes on the exhibitor's record, the individual's record will change with it and visa versa.  

Shipping Address

Enter the shipping address, if is necessary.