Exhibitor Points

If you want or need to add points to individuals, you can do so through their exhibitor screen.  There is also a utility option that will allow you to add points to everyone that meets the particular criteria.


Exhibitor Points Information


Field Descriptions


ID number of the exhibitor.  Automatically assigned and can not be changed.


Year in which you want the points to be recorded for.


Do they advertise in your magazine, convention directory, EXPO program, etc.  


How many booths did they have?  Multiple number of booths by amount of points you will assign for each booth.


Are they a member of your association?


Did they register fully in the EXPO or other association sponsored events you would like to give them credit for?


Any services this exhibitor offers or takes advantage of?


For example, if the exhibitor played their music too loud or tore down their display early, you could enter however many points you would like to deduct.  (The system automatically deducts that amount).


Total of all points.

Total Volume

Volume of booths.