EXPO Info Detail Tab


Field Descriptions

Expo Name

Enter the name of the Expo.

Expo #

The Expo number is automatically assigned by SAMS .

Address 1, 2, 3

Enter the address, city, state, and zip code.  

Telephone No

Enter the telephone number.

Default State

Enter the two digit state code for the majority of your expo exhibitors.

Expo Year

Enter the show year.

Default Payment Code

Enter the payment code that the majority of booths will be assigned.

Badges Per Booth or 100 sq ft

Enter the number of complimentary badges for each booth in the expo, once they become an exhibitor.  Please note:  If the booth rate is based on a formula, the booth rate code must start with an "F" for the correct number of staff to be calculated

Invoice Name

To take advantage of the right click option of printing an invoice automatically for each exhibitor, enter the name of the invoice report.  The report MUST reside in Q:\dapps\memb\custreps.

Zero out all point info prior to year:

SAMS will zero out points for “old” years so you can constantly have the most recent six years of points.

Directory Addr Same as Exhib?

Enter a check if the directory address is to be the same as the exhibitors.

Use Booth Staff?

Enter a check if you want to use booth attendees.

Update Booth Attendees?

Enter a check if you want SAMS  to update booth attendees.

INDV RT same as Exhibitor?

Enter a check if you want the Exhibitors type to be the same as the INDV record type.

Update Contract Date when assigning booths?

Enter check if you would like SAMS  to insert the date when a booth is assigned to an exhibitor.

Default Pmt Amt to Balance?

Enter check if you would like SAMS  to default the payment amount to the booth balance.

Badge pickup only on-site

Enter check if you would like SAMS and the web application know to print a statement on the email confirmations that badges will no longer be mailed so attendees will need to pick up their badges at will-call.

Zero Out Point Information Prior to Year

This will be used when calculating an exhibitors total points.

Pavilions 1- 5

Separate designations used for the Expo (such as food areas of Seafood, Mexican, Latin, etc.)