How to add booth rates

SAMS C/S gives you various options when establishing booth rates - from just a simple rate code for everyone to multiple rates based on selected attributes.  You can also calculate rate codes on either size (10 x 10) or volume (100 sq. ft.).

Before assigning rate codes, they must be established in the EXPO module of look-up codes.

To add look up codes, select the magnifying glass on the top tool bar

NOTE:  When adding additional look-up codes, you must hit the add button or F8 each time.

If you only have a very simple rate structure or all booths, regardless of how complex your rate structure might be, pay additional fee for certain attributes.  For example, premium location (maybe near the front entrance), a corner location or an end-cap.  You can designate those additional fees here.  The exhibitor would be charged these fee only if you indicated they were eligible to be charged these fees on the booth detail tab.