Classes Details Tab


Field Descriptions

Class No

The class number is automatically assigned by the system.

Class Name

Name of the class.  You might consider including the topic and location in the name.

Class Type

Enter the class type.


If the course is taught in a different language from English, you can indicate that here.


The fee to be charged for this course.

Class Date

The date the class will be held.

Class Time

The time the class will be held.

Test Date

The date the test will be administered.

Class Location

Enter name of location and address of class.

City, State Zip

Indicate city, state and zip.


Telephone of the location.


Select the instructor for this class.


Enter the language this class will be taught in.


If an individual will be monitoring the class, enter their name here.

First Time Count, Retake Count, Total Count

These counts are all figured from the student registration and stated here for your convenience.

Passing Grade

The minimum grade required to pass.

Why Cancelled?

If the class was cancelled, you can enter the reason why.

Late Fee date

If you want to access a late fee, enter the date in this field.  It needs to be the first date in which a late fee will be incurred.

Late Fee

This is the fee that will be accessed to a registration after the late date.  

Total Amount

Total dollar amount received for this class.

Class Limit

If there is a limit to the class size, enter the number here.

Date Mailed Results

You can track the date the test results were mailed to the students.


If the class is held within your association headquarters, check here.


Once this class is no longer offered, you can indicate by checking in-active.


If another entity is co-sponsoring the class with your association, check here.

Class Cancelled

Check if the class was cancelled.


If this class is an elective, check this box.


If this class is mandated check this box.

Test Administered?

Was the test administered?  Check this box.