Instructors Details Tab


Instructor Details Tab


Field Descriptions


The ID for the instructor is automatically assigned by SAMS.

Natl ID

If there is a national ID for this individual, you can enter that here.


You can check this box to indicate if this individual is active in your association.

First Name, Last Name

Enter their name.


If the instructor is affiliated with a firm, enter that information here.

Address 1, Address 2, City, State Zip

Enter their address, including city, state and zip.


For ease of communication, enter their email address.


It is probable that you will need to track the instructor's social security number for compensation purposes.

Telephone, Fax, Pager, Cell Phone

Enter as many phone numbers as you have!

Class Type 1- 6

You can have the classes broken down into "types" and then indicate which class type each instructor teaches.