Student Info Courses Tab



Field Descriptions

Window displaying courses

If there are multiple classes listed, the information displayed will for the class that is highlighted.


The title of the class.  Choose from the ellipses for the drop down menu of choices.  The Class Type will pull in automatically.

Test Date (city, state)

Enter the date of the test - if different for city and state, enter two different dates.

Grade (city, state)

Enter the grade the student received (1 - 100).

Cert No (city, state)

Enter the certificate number assigned to the student for completion of this course - up to 20 characters long.

Sent Materials?

Were materials sent to this student - typically prior to the course.

No Show?

Check this box if the student registered and then was a no-show.


If the student was re-taking this course, check this box.


If this student had already been certified and they are maintaining their certification, check this box.


Quick check box, which can make reporting easier.


Is this course required?  Check here.


If an elective course, just check this box.

Received Date

The date the payment was received.

Confirmation Sent

Keep track of when the confirmation for course attendance was sent.

Cert Print/Sent

The date the certificate was printed

Payment Type

Enter payment type - cash, check or credit card.

Check/CC #

Check or credit card number.

Exp Date

The date the credit card expires.


The fee for the course.


Amount paid.


Balance remaining after payment has been made.

City Exp Date

Expiration Date for Class city.


Batch number used in the registration Web application to link multiple students from the same company together..