How to enter a Payment for a Prof. Member that was not billed or has no balance.  (usually a former member)

  1. Select Member File from the INDV list and open the Professional Member record.

  2. Enter the Current Date in the Bill date field.  The billed date MUST greater than the last payment date in order to process future payments.

  3. Correct any other fields such as Dues Code, Bill Month, etc.  Save the changes.

  4. Go to FIle, Professional Member Payments, and find the last payment entry for that member.

  5. Enter a space after the check/CC number.  This puts the record in edit mode, and will update the member record with a balance due.  Save the transaction change.

  6. After viewing the member record to confirm the balance field has an amount due, Go back to File,  Professional Member Payments and enter the new payment.

  7. Save the transaction.