Error 7004: Maximum number of work areas exceeded


To correct this error, complete the following steps.

1.  Get everyone out of SAMS and Crystal Reports.

2.  Go to the computer running the Advantage Database (network computer)

3.  Go to Start>Programs and select Advantage Database Server and then select Advantage Configuration Utility from the submenu.  Another method is to go to Start>Run and browse to the ads_cfg.exe file.  This will be located in the root folder of Advantage on your network computer or C:\ drive.  This location varies based on where you installed Advantage on the server.  Once you find ads_cfg.exe, click on RUN.

4.  Click on the Configuration Utility tab.

5.  Set the settings using the following formulas:

Number of Connections:  4 * # of users

Number of Work Areas:  25 * # of users

Number of Tables:  200

Number of Index Files:  200

Number of Data Locks:  1000

6.  Click on Apply.

7.  Advantage will display that the Advantage Server will need to be stopped and restarted in order for the changes to take effect.  Choose Yes to this question.

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