Event Financial Tab

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Field Description

GL Debit and Credit for Cash

Enter the general ledge account numbers for cash.

GL Description and GL Company

Enter the general ledger description and the general ledger company.

GL Debit AR

Enter the general ledger account number for accounts receivable.

PAC Pmt Code

If this event is PAC related, enter the payment code appropriate.

Create PAC Transaction?

SAMS will automatically create a PAC transaction if this box is checked.  For example, you have a golf tournament that benefits your PAC during your annual conference.  If you check this box, you will not have double entry.

Total Due

SAMS will calculated the total amount due for this particular event.

Total Adjust

Any adjustments made regarding this event, will be totaled and shown here.

Total Received

The total amount received for this event will be displayed in this field.


The total amount of the current balances for that event.

Template Name

The field is used to identify a template name for the meeting web application.


The event key for that event is displayed.