How to change the VAL code


These instructions explain how to change the VAL CODE of your Advantage Database Server without uninstalling and reinstalling the software.  You will need to do this when you run minor (.x) Advantage Updates or extend your Advantage user license.

*Note*  These directions are for NT servers only.


1.  Stop the Advantage service on your server.

2.  On your server, go to c:\advantage and find the file ADSSTAMP.EXE from the list.  It is probably located in the  C:\Advantage\Program files\Extended Systems\Advantage\Server directory.

3.  Double click on this file.  This will start the Advantage Registration screen.

4.  Enter your new VAL CODE in the correct field.

5.  Click on OK at the bottom of the screen.  Answer any additional screen questions.

6.  After the screen closes, you may restart the Advantage Database Service and your new VAL CODE will take effect.