How to Create a Group Email List

A new feature has been added to SAMS with the latest update/release to save users from the necessity of running a report first to generate a group email list.  Through the Utilities>Group Email/Fax>Maintenance menu option, you can now include an SQL statement that will generate the list with the latest email information.  Once a list is established, you simply choose the list from the Utilities>Group Email/Fax>Sent menu option.

Details Tab:

1.  Click on the add button.  Enter up to a 6 character code to identify the group.

2.  Enter a description of the group email list up to 50 characters.

3.  Their are two options for the list.  If you do not enter an SQL statement, then this list is used by going to each Individual and right clicking on the record and choosing Group Email Maintenance to add them to this group list manually.  See example above.

If you have a select group of individuals that you send group emails routinely, then you can enter an SQL statement.  Using this method will insure picking up everyone who has been recently added.  See example above.  To create the SQL, create the Data Pipeline in SAMS Report Writer, and copy/paste the SQL into the blank window.

Click on the save button.


Maintenance Tab:

Add individuals to an existing group

1.  Click on the browse icon and find the file to add to the group email list.  This file should contain just the Individual ID numbers of the group you wish to send to.  This is the same type of file used for the previous version of Group Email utility - the group must be created with either a Crystal or SAMS Report Writer report first.

2.  Enter the code to identify the existing group list (created on the Details tab).  Click on the Run button. When the process is complete, click on Close.

Delete a group

1.  Enter the 6 character code of the group list to delete.  Click on Run.  This will delete the code from the Group Email List and delete the code from all Individual's Group Email Maintenance.  When the process is complete, click on Close.


You are now ready to send a group email.  Click Utilities>Group Email/Fax>Send.  Select from the Email Group List you have defined.  Create your message (text or HTML Source Code) and click Send.  Refer to topic HOW TO GROUP EMAIL...

In order for staff to have access to this Utility, the table and rights must be added to the User's security (non-supervisor only).  In SAMS, go to Utilities/Users and choose the user name to update.  Click on the Security Tab and select one of the existing table Names.  Click on to add the new table -- from the drop down arrow, choose Email Group List and set the appropriate rights level.