How to create directory

Use the directory screen from the individual module to create a record for your professional membership directory. You can also use the simple built in accounting fields to track monies for your directory listings. Or if you do not use a directory, you can also use this screen to store additional information for this individual.

Creating your directory is very easy with SAMS. With a click of a button, information is auto-filled from the individualís main screen.

1. Choose INDV from the SAMS toolbar and select the individual from the List tab.

2. Select the Details tab.

3. Access the directory  through the sub-menu by either:

4. Click the Details tab.

5. Click on the add button  

6. The required fields are in aqua.  You can add any information that might not have been stored in the individual record or make changes.  

7. Save

NOTE:  If you make changes and do not want those changes to flow into the individual record, please turn off the "address flag".

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