How to Download RealVNC

1.   Go to Download the free version, VNC 4.1.2.

2.   Fill in your contact information.

Under category, select company.

 Under deployment, select current or intended size of VNC deployment.

3.   Under Installable Package, put a check in the box next to your computer's current operating system.

4.   Under Source Code Documentation, check the box that corresponds with your operating system (i.e. if you selected Windows as the Installable Package, then you would select Windows Sources as your source code and documentation.).

5.   Click Proceed to Download button.

6.   If you wish to buy anything or make donations, do so here (the software is FREE to use).

7.   Scroll down to the Download Area.  Select the first option which is the Full Installation Executable (.exe file).

8.   You will be prompted to either open or save to your computer, select SAVE.

9.   Select where you want to save the file on your hard drive.  We recommend creating a folder in C:\Program Files called RealVNC.  This will make it easier for you to find it when you want to open it.

10.  When the download is complete, select Open.

11.  You will get a message that states:  This will install VNC.  Do you wish to continue?   -Click Yes.

12.  The VNC Setup Wizard will appear.

13.  Click Next.

14.  Accept the agreement and click Yes.

15.  Select the folder in which you want VNC installed.  Use the scroll bar to select the folder you just created. (C:\ProgramFiles\RealVNC)

16.  Click Next.

17.  Select Components- You want the Full Installation.  Make sure the box next to VNC Server is checked below.

18.  Select Start Menu Folder- The default is fine here, or you can change it if you prefer.  Click Next.

19.  Select Additional Tasks Screen - Under VNC Server Configuration, put a check in both boxes.

Register VNC Server as a system service

Start the VNC Server system service

20.  Click OK

21.  This is your last chance to view your selections before installation.  If you need to make any changes, use the Back button.  If you're ready to proceed, click Install.

22.  After Installation you will get a warning message that states: "This machine has no default password set.  Win VNC will present the Default Properties dialog now to allow one to be entered."  Click OK to this message.

23.  The Win VNC: Default Local System Properties window will open.  Enter a password in the space provided.  (Don't forget what you entered!)  Go ahead and leave all of the default boxes checked.

24.  Click to Continue with the Setup.  Click Next.

25.  Click on Finish.

Your installation of Real VNC is now complete!