How to Group Email with a File or List

When you need to send an email to more than one recipient, you can use the Group Email/Fax>SEND function on the Utilities menu in SAMS.  The screen looks similar to that of the regular email function, but allows you to send the email to a file or to a predefined group email list.  You can create the body of the email first and then attach the file or list later if you like.

METHOD 1 - Using a Text File created by a Report

You must create the text file of your email recipients by choosing the report button on the top toolbar.

Choose the individual standard module on the left side of the window, then choose Report Type whether it is Crystal or SAMS Report Designer.

For directions on Crystal , see How to Group email with Crystal.

For directions on SAMS Report Writer , see How to Group email with SAMS Report Writer.

*You only need to open the Report Application of your choice if you plan to make changes to the original report selection criteria.  If you want to run the report as is, simply double click on the report in the list and run it from SAMS.*  

Export the report in Crystal by following the steps below.

Choose the export file button

Select the character-separated values (CHR) format with a disk file for the destination.


Use the same number and date format as in the report.


Accept the default separator and delimiter values.


Save the text file to Q:\dapps\memb\data\out directory.

Export the report in SAMS Report Writer by following the steps below.*

While on the Design Tab, choose the File/Print to File Setup. Click on File to name the text file.  File type should be comma delimited. Click OK.

Now go to File/Print and check the box for "Print to File" toward the bottom of the screen.  Click on OK.  This will produce the file and put it under the folder you designated.


Go back into SAMS.

From the top toolbar, select Utilities and then Group email/fax,  Send.

In the To File field, locate the export file in Q:\dapps\memb\data\out (or wherever you saved it) by using the button.  Another option is to choose and Email Group that has been identified in the INDV records.

Complete the remaining fields, and then send.


Please note:  If you are sending HTML emails, you must turn off the "include salutation" option in the bottom right corner of the group email window.  To send email in HTML please place a checkmark in the "Use HTML Format?" box.  You must cut and paste the actual HTML source code for the text from an application that creates HTML documents.  To include a graphic image, the HTML page must include the image source code to insert it (graphic image must reside on your internet web site).  An example of this source code is:
<img src="" alt="Tennessee Restaurant Association" height="110" width="750" />

FYI, if you have a signature listed in your User record under Utilities, it will be included as one line of text at the bottom of your HTML email.  Be sure to remove the information from your record in Users before sending a Group Email by HTML.


Should you receive the following window:

There is an option set in Outlook (Express) that asks you to verify sending an email any time some program other then Outlook (Express) tries to send an email. Go to Outlook (Express) Tools> Options > Security.

Uncheck the "Warn me" box if you don't want to receive this message.

If using HydraFax, it will create a file which you will then have to send to HydraFax.  Please refer to the HydraFax user's guide.


2nd Message Box is used when the 1st message box exceeds 65,500 characters.  The best way to do this is to paste the whole message into the 1st message box.  Go to the end of the text and determine where the html text was cut off.  Work your way back up the text until you find a <p>.  Delete text starting at that line to the end of the text.  Go back to your original document and search for the words after the <p>.  Copy from the <p> to the end of your test.  Paste that data into the 2nd message box.