How to kick users out of SAMS

When you need to run updates and transfer data to and from Semarca, you will often need to make sure everyone is out of SAMS.  This can be a daunting task- going around and asking, begging, everyone to please finish what they're working on so you can update.  It doesn't have to be though- it's really quite simple- and not near as harsh as it seams.

There is a special feature built in that sends all users and email stating that the system will be shut down in 3 minutes for maintenance.  

Go to Utilities > Users.

The User Information Window will open.  This is where you set rights for all users.

Click the    button.  Everyone will receive an email.  After 3 minutes, they will automatically be kicked out.

Do what you have to do.

Log out of SAMS.

Go to Q:\DAPPS\MEMB using your Windows Explorer.  (Or go to My Computer, click on the Q:\ drive, and map out that way)

There is a file called SHUTDOWN.TXT

Delete this file.

Log in to SAMS.

Go to Utilities > Users.

Click the    button.  Everyone will receive an email stating it is safe to log back in to SAMS.