How do I pkunzip

Prior to making any major changes to your database (ie: billing, expo roll-out, etc.), it is a good idea to pkzip your database.  This will allow you the opportunity to easily retrieve any information you might need.

    1. Choose start

    2. Programs

    3. MS DOS prompt or command prompt

    4. Type Q: and <enter> - (if your SAMS resides on a different drive letter than Q, enter that drive letter).

    5. Type cd\dapps\memb\data.  

    6. Type pkzip_-esu_filename_*.dbf_*.cdx_*.fpt

      1. the underline (_) indicates a space

      2. (filename = any name that you want to give it - for example, mbr01012001)

    7. If you receive an error message here, please enter copy ..\pkzip*.* and enter step 6 again.  If you still get an error message, please call TSC.

    8. Watch the screen and make sure it doesn't display any messages about files being open.

    9. Once it completes, it will display the Q: prompt

    10. Type EXIT  to leave  MS DOS prompt.