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RelayFax Pro is a powerful Client/Server and Desktop fax software solution that automates the process of sending, receiving, and managing fax traffic for your entire network. By integrating with any existing email system, RelayFax users have full faxing capabilities directly from their desktops. RelayFax gives you the ability to analyze fax patterns, create cost efficient faxing policies and provide permanent records of your network fax traffic. Best of all, RelayFax quickly pays for itself by lowering material costs and increasing worker productivity.   For information, log on to their web site

Please note:  Relay Fax does NOT support long document names (more than 8 characters)

The Download Process

To download a 30 day trail period of Relay Fax, go to

Prior to installing Relay Fax, you must have...

Relay Fax downloads into a set up file, which means that it will install itself. So all you will have to do is go to the file you downloaded and double-click on it.

While installing you will be asked a variety of questions, we have done our best to give you some insight to those questions:

INSTALL - you should be able to accept all the defaults.

RelayFax Pro Install

Print Driver Set Up

Once the computer is re-started, look at the task bar in the bottom right hand corner and you should see a yellow fax machine.  Right click on the icon and start RelayFax.  

Notice the icons on the top tool bar

Do not select auto account creation!

Within SAMS

Once you have completed the download process, you must complete the following steps within SAMS.

SAMS is programmed to determine which fax numbers are local.  In order for SAMS to accomplish this, you must first add all the prefixes that would be local to your calling area within your specific area code.

SAMS looks at the area code located within the association info detail tab.  It will then look at all the prefixes at look-up codes > individual > telephone prefixes.  

Once relay fax is installed and working, go to My Computer and then to the Relay Fax folder. In here you will find a folder called APPS which contains a file called RelayFax.INI . Please print this file as it contains all of the information about relay fax as it was installed.

SEMARCA no longer supports RelayFax with technical support.