How to Set up/Run PayFlow Pro Client

Installation:  Run PFProCOMSetup.exe to install and register the PayFlow Pro Client plugin.


Setting the PayFlow Pro Environment Variable

You must set the environment variable PFPRO_CERT_PATH to point to the directory that contains the file f73e89fd.0




Setting up your PayFlow Pro Account

You must set up a test account with Verisign to test the payment processing portion of the Meetings Registration Web Application


1.    Go to this link:


2.    Click Try on the PayFlow Pro panel.


3.    Complete the VeriSign registration process and use your login and password to set the following SAMS Gen Table fields to these values:



PFPPWD = [your VeriSign password]

PFPUSER = [your VeriSign login]

PFPVENDOR = [your VeriSign login]


You can enter this information in SAMS by going to Association Info and clicking on the CC Info Tab.