How to tell who is in SAMS using Data Architect

With this feature you can see who is logged in to the Database.  

Note:  The Database Administrator is most likely the only person who has access to Advantage Data Architect.  

1.  Open Data Architect.

2.  Go to Tools, Advantage Database Server Management.

3.  The Advantage Management Utility window will open.

4.  In the field called Server Drive, enter the server letter Advantage is loaded on followed by a colon.  Most likely it will be Q:

5.  Click the Hand button.  

6.  Click on the Connected Users tab.

7.  This tab will show you the computer names and IP addresses of all people connected to the database- even if they are only using the Report Writer and not logged in to SAMS.

8.  You can disconnect a user by highlighting them, right-clicking, and disconnecting them.  (You might want to warn them first!)