Contact COI Info

The process of identifying COI records can be done through a mailing, membership renewal form or telemarketing. Once the process is complete your COI database will be a very valuable tool for legislative session.

To obtain an info sheet on either the contact or the influential person, simply select the "print info sheet" next to the requested individual.

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COI Contact Info (Details) Tab


Field Descriptions

Contact ID

The individual's ID number will appear in this field, you can not change this field.


Locate the influential person this contact will be assigned to.  

COI Code

Enter a code for this individual's COI record. Simply choose a COI code from the pop-up; SAMS C/S inserts the code and displays a description for you.   COI Codes and descriptions must be defined in the individual module of  Look-up Codes located on the SAMS C/S toolbar.


Enter the date this record was created or the date that this person might have began their relationship with the COI.


Enter a value rating between 1 -  9, that reflects the value of the relationship.


The note field is a rich text edit field. Enter important information in the notes field for future reference.