How to add COI records

Before COI records can be added, all the influential persons must be added to the association's individual database.

Once the influential persons are added to individuals,

1.  Choose file from the top tool bar,

2.  COI/PAC,

3.  COIs,

Accessing the COI Module


As is the case when you want to add a new individual to the database, it is recommended that you search the COI listing to ensure the influential person has not already been added.  Once you have done that, go to the details tab.


COI List Tab

4.  Select the add button from the details tab tool bar.

5. SAMS C/S will pop-up the individual table to enable you to search for and select the influential person.

6.  The required fields are in aqua, but it is recommended that each record be completed to further assist you in your grassroots lobbying efforts.

7.  Save.

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