Individual Activities Tab

Click the Activities Tab to see the listing of activities for this record and to view any history for this individual.   

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Field Descriptions


The Activities section displays information SAMS gathers as you change information in this record.  This field will also display correspondence with this individual initiated through SAMS  via email, word processing or billing.


The history section displays a list of the history items this individual participates in or is a part of with your association (such as committee assignments, job descriptions or community involvement).  History codes and descriptions are defined using the History Codes option of the Lookup Codes menu for Individuals located on the SAMS toolbar.

User Name and Password

If you are going to allow each member to change information via the web, they must enter their user name and password for editing purposes - you will have a specific location to search for this information should the individual forget their password.

Web Page

Enter the web page this individual is associated with.


This is an open ended data field. For example, the type of law a lawyer specializes in or extra long titles.

Ethnic Org

Enter an ethnic origin, this information can be used for statistical reports.


The total, used, and balance field for points are calculated by SAMS from the Points screen. From the Details page, right click and choose Points.

User Initials and Last Change Date

SAMS will insert the users initials and date of the last person who edited this record. .