SAMS Interfaces with:

Legislative Demographic System  

A 3rd party service that allows you to track legislators and their committees. Each Individual's record is linked by zip code to a congressional or assembly district. The legislator's name, address, phone number, etc. can be accessed through the district codes. Additionally, you are able to print reports, labels or merge into a word processor or spread sheet for further manipulation.


Mailers+4 can help you prepare your list for postal automation, key pieces of data that enhance your mailing lists, helpful marketing tools, and additional list services. Mailers+4 is CASS and PAVE Certified by UPSP. The advantage of using Mailers+4 with SAMS C/S is that it automatically updates your data, importing or exporting is necessary.

Accounting Packages

SAMS C/S can helps you track you accounting information by creating interfaces with most popular accounting packages.