Professional Member Dues Codes

Field Description

Dues Code

A six digit code.


The description of the dues code.


The system is designed to allow you to enter a variety of dues codes.  If you want a code to be included when you run billing, please enter a "M".


Is there a default bill month you want to bill this particular dues type?  If so, enter it here.


Would like this dues code to be included in the inactive/terminate/delete program?  If so, enter Y.

Dues PC

Enter the dues payment code.

Dues Amount

Enter the dues amount.

Last Yr Paid

What was the amount members with this dues code paid?

Short Description

A short description for quick data entry.

Sus PC

If your association collects sustaining dues, please enter the sustaining dues payment code.

Sus Amount

Enter the sustaining dues amount.


If your association automatically collects PAC donations at the same time you collect dues, enter the payment code.

PAC Amount

Enter the amount to be collected for the PAC with this dues code.

Tax Amount

If tax should be charged, enter the amount.

Direct Abbreviation

Would you like an abbreviation to be used in the directory.


If dues amount is based on formula, enter that here.


What will be the next dues code this group will be moved up to?

Add Yrs to Exp Date

How many years do you want added to their expiration date?

Member Type

Enter Member Type code if this Dues Code applies to a specific Member Type.


Enter any assessment information.


Sample screen shot of where this code is used in SAMS.

locate the individual>sub-menu>professional membership>dues table tab