Buyers Guide

The members buyers guide can help you set up a guide for your associate members and the services they offer.

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Field Descriptions

ID Number

SAMS automatically inserts the member's ID number for you.

Add Date

SAMS enters today's date, however, you can change this date.


Since you could have multiple directory  years, enter the directory year for this record.

Discount to Members

Does this affiliate member offer a discount to your trade membership?  If so, check this box.

Firm Name

The firm name is automatically inserted for you, however you can change it.

Sort Name

A six character sort name appears based on the name you entered as the member's name. This field can be changed, for example, when you sort by member name, do you want this member sorted in the "T" for The Red Barn, or in the "R" for Red Barn.

Check No

If they must pay for this listing, you can enter their check number here.

Contact Name

Enter the name of the person that will be listed in the directory for this member.

Address Flag

Enter a check if you want this address to change when the member's address changes.  Note:  When you change the address of an individual attached to a member with the "same addr" checked, the buyers guide address will also be changed if the "same addr" is also checked.

Address 1 and 2

SAMS will bring in the member's address, however, you can change this.

City, State, Zip Code

The city, state, and zip code are added for you, however you can change this.


Enter the country name in this field. Since this is a user defined field, you could use this field for other information that might be used in the directory.

Telephone and Fax

SAMS will bring in the member's telephone and fax numbers for you, however, like the other information, you can change this.

Web Page

Enter the member's web page address.

Email Address

Enter the main email address used for this member.

Billing Section

This section will show you the number of listings, and any transaction information for this memberís record for the directory.

No Paid/Free Listings

The number paid or free listings is display here.

Base Fee, Bill, Paid, Adjustment, Balance

If you are billing members for a directory, SAMS will create a transactions for them, you can enter the amount the member is paying, enter the amount of any adjustment for this payment, and SAMS will calculate the member's balance for you to be paid.