How to change the member contact

Occasionally, you will need to update your member record to reflect a new member contact.

Follow these steps to change your Member Contact:

1.  Go to the Member Record.

2.  Click the Details tab.

2.  Click the next to the Contact ID field and select the appropriate Individual.

4.  You will get this message:

5.  Click YES.

6.  Click the to save.

7.  You will get this message:

8.  If the Individual is still associated with the member, then click NO.  If the Individual is not associated with the Member, then click YES.  Clicking yes will disconnect them from the Member and the individual will no longer have a MID number in the individual screen.

9.  When you go to the Individual's record, you will see a check in the box labeled Memb Contact on the details screen.

Note:  if you do not see a check in the box and the Individual is assigned as the Member Contact, you will need to go back to the Member record, choose a new contact, save it, then go and select the correct member contact.