How to create A buyers guide


1.  Choose MEMB from the SAMS toolbar and select the member from the List tab.

2.  Select the Details tab.

3.  Access Buyers Guide through the sub-menu by either:

4.  A blank buyers guide screen will appear

5.  Click the add button .  Notice the demographic information is brought in automatically, but you can make changes if you need to.

6.  Save


Add Memo or Profile

Add Products

Prior to adding products to the buyers guide, you must establish the product and product group codes in the look-up code section.

To add products to a Buyers Guide:

1.  Choose the add button or F8 to add

2.  The cursor will be found next to the ellipsis button

3.  You can either enter the product code number OR click on the ellipsis button and a look up table will appear.

4.  Locate the required code

5.  Enter

6.  Save or F9.