How to run billing

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Make sure everyone is out of the SAMS package.  Be sure the Fiscal year is set correctly in the File/Association/Accounting tab--this will update records during billing process.

  1. Run the Accounting Info Roster within SAMS under "trade member accounting standard" for the current month you are billing for.

  2. Clean up any records that do not have a zero balance. **

  3. Zip the database -  SAMS Utility/Send Data to TSC.  This creates a backup file for your organization in case the billing is not correct.

  4. Choose Utilities/Trade Members and run the Bill Members program.  Enter the bill month you wish to bill for.  Uncheck the box for "Carry Balances Forward" if you only want to bill for the current year only.  

  5. Print invoices and mail to members.

  6. Choose Utilities/Trade Members and then run the inactivate/terminate/delete program to inactive members with balances.

**  If you have received a payment for the next year's dues BEFORE you run billing for that year, enter the amount in the beginning balance as a credit ( Example: -100.00).  Then when billing is run, it will change the balance to $0.00.


NOTE:  You run the I/T/D program to take members with a balance from previous year's billing and make them inactive so they do not get billed again.  This is typically done after the member has received three invoices from the association.  If the member decides to pay later, then post the payment and the system will automatically change them to a status of A.

For example on April 1 (assuming bill 30 days in advance),

Once all the above statements are printed, then do the I/T/D program for bill month 3 - step 6 from above.