Member Services Module

The Member Services module is a complete system enabling the association to assign and track tasks. Whether a member has requested a personal visit, a non-member requires a membership packet or a member would like more information on your PAC, all that info can be monitored and tracked within SAMS.  And just like all of SAMS modules, this is a fully relational module which gives you the added benefit of having documentation at the end of the year of all your communication (written, spoken or email) with a member.  You will be able to put an end to the question, "What has the association done for me this year?"

This is the module The Semarca Corporation utilizes for tracking all tech support requests.

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Field Descriptions

Indv ID

The ID of the individual who made the request.

Memb ID

The member ID the above individual is attached to.


The individual's email address.


Their telephone number.


Reflects the member.

Assigned To

A list of all users established in SAMS is in the pull down list.


The date and time this request was initiated.


The data and time this request was resolved.

Due By

If there is a due date, enter that here.


You have the option of entering a priority code between 1 and 9.


Enter the purpose of the request.

Version No

This field is currently used by Semarca.

Orig User

The original user that opened this member service.

Orig Date

The date the member service was initially established.

Last User

The last user to edit this record.

Last Chg Date

The last change date.