Member Services Tab

The Member Services Tab shows not only the activities (i.e. when billed) and services, but also web page, sponsors and various ID numbers.

To enter a Member Service code, right click and choose Service Maintenance from the sub-menu.

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Field Descriptions

Corporate Name

Enter the full corporate name or the D.B.A. name.

Web Page

Enter the company's URL address, for example,


Enter the company's email address.


Enter the sponsor's name for this member.

Tax ID

Enter the members tax id number in this field.

Natl ID

Enter the ID your national association assigns to this member.

Natl MT

Enter the member type your national association assigns to this member.

User Name and Password

If you are going to allow each member to change information via the web, they must enter their user name and password for editing purposes - you will have a specific location to search for this information should the entity forget their password.


This field displays the changes that have been made to this record, for example, dues changes or billing information.


This is a lookup only section. To change the information, right click and choose Services.

User Initials and Last Change Date

SAMS will insert the users initials and last date the Member's record was revised