Meeting Scheduler

The Meeting Scheduler portion of the Meeting Module brings to the database the ability to create BEOs (Banquet Event Orders), do a complete job assignment for the meeting - who is responsible for set-up, computers, phone lines, etc.




Field Descriptions

Line No

The line number can be used to group all the various events, rooms, set-ups an association must monitor for meetings/annual conference.  Assign the same line number to each

Line Suffix

The line suffix will enable you group events to the smallest detail.  Meaning - all schedules related to "registration desk" will have the same line number, but then to break those up you add the line suffix.


Date of the actual event.


Time the event must be completed.


Actual location of the event - reception foyer, Conference Room "B", golf course, etc.

Resp Party

Who is responsible for ensuring this portion is complete.  You can add additional responsible parties in the look-up codes.


Detailed description of what must be accomplished.


Please note: the duplicate button in the top right corner - this will enable you to duplicate the same event and then reassign to the appropriate person.


Below is a sample view of the standard Meeting Schedule report.  Please click on the linked words, to see which field each data item matches.


Line # 10.2    8:00     Registration         Lobby B                                                           US Telecom

                                                                   2 telephones w/outside lines

Line #10.3                                              Lobby B                                                         Hotel

                                                                    4 - 6' tables, skirted in white

                                                                    3 - 6' tables, skirted in white behind registration tables

                                                                    8 - chairs

                                                                    4 - trash cans

                                                                    1 - small round table with ice water & glasses

Line #10.4                                              Lobby B                                                        Gloria

                                                                    place add'l copy of convention book at reg desk