New Server

"We are purchasing a new server.  What steps need to be taken to transfer SAMS from the old server to the new server?"

There are two steps to the process.  First, Advantage would need to be loaded on the new server.  You will need your validation code to do this.  After that, it is just a matter of copying all the files from your dapps\memb folder to the new machine.  Please be sure that the configuration settings are high enough (maximum number of connections) for the amount of users.

Be sure to check in the ads.ini file in the dapps/memb folder to make sure the network path is named the same as the old server.  If not, you will need to modify the path listings in this file so that workstations will be able to access SAMS.  Also if you have the Lan_IP and the Lan_ Port specified in the ads.ini file, you will need to update the IP Address and port number for the new location.

NOTE that if you install your original Advantage Server 6 version from CD or file, you will need to download and run the Advantage 7.1 upgrade file (if purchased) from the SAMS Update menu (from your old server prior to replacing).  This update will prompt you to enter your organization's Serial number and Validation code you received from the purchase of your Advantage 7.x upgrade.  If you do not have these codes, please contact SEMARCA at 512-343-1049 or

NOTE to clients using the Semarca Web Applications:  You must be sure the application is pointing to the correct IP address and that your configuration is set to Port 2000:

Contact Semarca Support with the new server IP address to update in the web application(s) program.