New Workstation Computer (connected to network server)


"We have purchased a new computer for one of our workstations.  What should we add to connect to the SAMS Advantage server?"

After the new computer has been mapped to the network drive that SAMS Advantage Server resides on (in most cases the Q drive), then all that needs to be added to the desktop is the shortcut icon to SAMS.  In Windows Explorer (Right click on Start, choose Explore), go to the Q:\dapps\memb folder.  Right click on the SAMS.EXE file, and choose Send to, and select Desktop (create shortcut).  This places a shortcut icon on your desktop for SAMS.  You should then be able to double-click on the icon to open the database software.

NOTE:  On a new Windows XP computer, you cannot map to the network drive with the automatic feature.  You must Right click on My Computer, and select Map Network Drive to assign the Q drive as one of your network connections.

If this computer needs Crystal Report Writer loaded to be able to create and edit reports in SAMS, please install the software from your installation disk and see instructions for important files to copy to the new computer and setup options to be set.