How to place an order

1. Choose INDV from the SAMS toolbar and select the individual from the List tab.

2. Select the Details tab.

3. Access Orders through the sub-menu by either:

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The Order Entry AR Information screen appears...

Individuals will have only one AR record, but can have multiple order entry records.  The AR record provides information that will be used for the majority of their orders, such as shipper.  You can change these specifics on the order entry record.

If the AR Info screen is blank, select the add button and the individual's demographic information is brought in.  Complete as many of the remaining fields as possible (or desired).

Notice the bottom window shows order already placed by this individual.

To place the actual order, select the Orders tab.

Select the add button .  You will notice the order number (top left corner) will increase automatically.

Fill in any empty fields at the top that would be beneficial.