Vendor Orders

The Orders Entry Screen is where you track inventory.  Inventory is a two step process - placing the order and tracking when you receive it.

Each time you place an order with a vendor, you will need to create a "Vendor Order".  Once the order is received from the vendor you will enter the receipt date & quantity.

Choose utilities from the top menu bar, then Enter Vendor Orders.

Field Descriptions


Specific product item to be ordered from a vendor.  This drop-down list is auto-created from the items you entered in the Products Screen.  If it is a new item, first go to the Products Screen and enter the information there.

Order Number

The number of the order.  This field is auto-filled by SAMS.

Short Description

Description of the product.  Auto-filled from the product screen.

Quantity Ordered

Enter the quantity to be ordered.

Vendor Code

The vendor's number.  You create these in the Lookup Codes section of SAMS.  To create your Vendor List, go to Lookup Codes , select Order Entry; Vendors.

Order Date

The date the order was placed with the vendor.

Quantity Received

Amount received from the vendor.  Auto-filled from the vendor/receipt tab.


Cost association will be purchasing the item for.  Auto calculated.

Received Date

Date received from the vendor.  Auto-filled from the vendor/receipt tab.

Shipped Date

Date shipped by vendor.  Auto-filled from the vendor/receipt tab.